Chairman’s Message

Since the founding of B. E. Beecroft Co. Inc in 1967, we have maintained the commitment of our founder, Bert Beecroft, to three key principles. These are:

  1. We will treat our clients, our subcontractors and vendors, and our employees with honor and respect.
  2. We will be fair and honest in all that we do.
  3. We will strive to exceed the expectations of every Owner for whom we work.

Over the years, we have worked in various parts of Texas, on numerous building types, for a wide variety of clients. We have found that our primary strengths are based on delivering projects that demand more from the contractor than average. We have a stable, committed workforce with many employees having been with the company for decades.  Through continuing education for project managers, superintendents, and craftsmen, we strive to stay current in our field.

Adherence to fair business practices, seeking challenge, and dedication to state of the art technique are the hallmarks of B. E. Beecroft Co., Inc. For over 45 years we have succeeded by doing the right thing, and by doing things right.   I welcome the opportunity to share more of our company with interested inquirers. Please contact me by voice or email.

Sam Beecroft
(361) 882-6791